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In harsh competition with other European countries, a group of Chinese investors has picked Denmark as a base for their expansion.

A group of Chinese investors has selected Denmark as one of the top three countries in Europe to start their global expansion. The group is a part of the newly established Chinese Aigo Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA).

Around 25 investors, among those the leading Chinese consumer electronics company aigo, travelled around Europe in December where they, besides from Denmark, visited Holland, Belgium and Great Britain. After the trip, the investors decided on Denmark as one of their three favourite countries where they plan to open joint headquarters and recommend to the remaining members of the alliance.

Denmark’s Minister for Trade and Investment, Ms. Pia Olsen Dyhr, met with the leader of the alliance, Mr. Feng Jun, Chairman of aigo, when he first visited Denmark in October to lead the way for the interesting investments. 

Ms. Olsen Dyhr says:

- Commercial relations with China are of great importance to my government. We need to attract new investments to Denmark in order to create new jobs, and as Chinese companies are expanding globally, I see many ways that our two nations can collaborate. 

- It shows great potential when Chinese companies looking to invest pick Denmark as a top destination. Denmark is open for investments and it is easy to start up a business here, which their decision demonstrates.

- I hope that many more will start turning their eyes on Denmark as a stepping stone to reach the rest of Europe.

Strong design competencies in Denmark attracted Chinese investors

Invest in Denmark, which belongs to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, helped arrange the trip to Denmark, where also Denmark’s Prime Minister, Ms. Helle Thorning-Schmidt, greeted the Chinese investors.

It was, among other things, Denmark’s strong competencies within design and innovation that made the investors decide on Denmark, says Mr. Feng.

- We got a very nice reception in Denmark from the top leaders of the government, and we think the country has a very favourable investments climate where it is easy to set up a business.

- Denmark’s strong focus on design and innovation enables Chinese brands to learn from and collaborate with Danish companies in order to become successful in the rest of Europe.

- Denmark also provides good opportunities for partnerships with universities and design institutions in order to further develop our brands, says Mr. Feng from aigo, which produces mobile storage products, MP5 players and digital camera products.

Feng Jun is the initiator of the alliance, aigo Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA), which aims to promote Chinese privately owned brands globally. The members of the alliance include leading companies within different industries such as electronics, maritime, real estate and clothes. They all share global ambitions.

One of the founding members of AEA is the Chinese billionaire Huang Nubo, owner of Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group Co., who has earlier shown interest in investing in Iceland.

Denmark’s Minister for Trade and Investment visits China in February to promote Danish export and continue a dialogue with the Chinese investors regarding their future plans.

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