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Danish Biotech Pipeline Third in Europe

A new report by Ernst & Young benchmarks Denmark third in Europe when it comes to drug development. Actually, with a Danish population of only 5 million inhabitants, the number of drugs in development per capita largely exceeds all other European markets.

Clinical Trials in Denmark

England and Germany, which are respectively no.1 and 2 on the list of drug candidates in preclinical and clinical development, have 6-8 times larger populations than Denmark, this means that if the figures were made up per capita, Denmark would rank no.1 way ahead of even Germany and England.

Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen, Ph.D. and project manager at Invest in Denmark explains:

-“One of the reasons why Denmark’s pipeline of drug development is so strong is the high number of innovative biotech companies. Denmark has more than 160 Biotech firms which is about equivalent to a country like France with a ten times larger population.” 

-“Even though many of the Danish biotech companies are relatively small, it is important to have a critical mass of research companies in the sector in order to get drugs into clinical development. Furthermore it is crucial that the strong position in drug development is backed by a proven ability to take drug candidates into preclinical and clinical development and further to the marked.”

Denmark is one of the best places in the world to execute high-quality clinical trials

The impressive pipeline of drugs in development is linked to the great conditions for conducting clinical trials in Denmark. Applying for a clinical trials authorisation in Denmark is simpler and faster than anywhere else in Europe and a large number of CROs are active in Denmark, conducting clinical trials at all stages.

Denmark has a long tradition for patient and population registration, including a unique social security number for each citizen and as the Danish population is quite homogeneous and relatively non-mobile, the country is ideal for longitudinal studies. Danish hospitals have a broad experience and are very efficient in executing clinical trials.

A generally high educational level and good English skills is another element that benefits the process and quality of doing clinical trials in Denmark.

Click to learn more about the Danish biotech industry and the advantages of conducting clinical trials in Denmark.

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