Minister for Trade and Investment signs agreement  

with China Development Bank


During the Chinese state visit last week several Chinese companies signed agreements about establishing a business in Denmark with the assistance of Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These individual company agreements are followed by an agreement between China Development Bank (CDB), the Danish Trade Council and Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This agreement was signed by Minister of Trade and Investment Ms. Pia Olsen Dyhr and CDB’s Executive Vice President Mr. Gao Jian.

The agreement testifies to the interest of the China Development Bank to financially support investments in Denmark by Chinese companies. It also gives Danish companies a possibility to apply for a loan from CDB, e.g. for joint ventures in China.

Minister for Trade and Investment Ms. Pia Olsen Dyhr explains: “Good collaboration with China Development Bank makes it easier for Chinese companies looking to finance their activities and establishments in Denmark. At the same time it is a seal of approval that will increase Chinese focus on opportunities in Denmark.”

China Development Bank holds nearly one trillion USD in total assets according to the latest annual report.

Largest Danish equity fund Axcel in partnership with Chinese Fosun

Also among the agreements signed lastFriday is a Memorandum of Understanding between the largest Danish equity fund Axcel, and the Chinese corporation Fosun which will likewise support Chinese investments into Denmark.

Pia Olsen Dyhr says: “Invest in Denmark’s employees in both China and Denmark have already for some time been in a dialogue with Fosun who had shown an interest in the Danish biotech industry. Now Fosun enters into partnership with a Danish equity fund, and that of course opens a scope of possibilities.”

Fosun mainly invests in sectors that significantly benefit from the growth in the Chinese domestic demand such as energy and manufacturing upgrade. Through collaboration with Axcel, Fosun gains insight into relevant Danish investment opportunities.

Fosun CEO Mr. Liang Xinju says: “The combination of Chinese momentum in growth and Axcel’s knowledge of the Danish market is a strong tool that can create synergies, and I look forward to seeing the full potential of this new model. Denmark is in the lead in several industries that complement the Chinese demand perfectly.”

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