Denmark has Europe’s  

best talents


A survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit shows that Denmark is Europe’s biggest talent hotspot in 2011 and onwards.

Denmark might be small in size but when it comes to producing talents, the country is number one in Europe today and is predicted to stay there until 2015.

According to the recently published Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Global Talent Index’, which benchmarks 60 countries in 2011 and provides an outlook to 2015, Denmark was in 2011 the second best country in the world for developing talents only surpassed by the US and will keep that position in 2015. 

The survey benchmarks the countries on their capacity for developing, attracting and retaining talent, and the Nordic region ranks high in the survey. Denmark, Finland and Norway figure in the index top five in both 2011 and 2015, joined by Sweden in the latter year.

The high Nordic rankings are explained by their ‘consistent and substantial investment in education from primary through tertiary level’. Denmark gets top ratings when it comes to quality of the labour force (number one in 2011 and 2015), talent environment (number two in 2011 and 2015) and compulsory education quality (number two in 2011 and 2015).

It will be hard for any country to challenge the US on their top position as the lead is almost one full point. The US strengths are listed as excellence of its universities, high quality of the existing workforce and a meritocratic environment relatively unencumbered by restrictive labour regulation.

Download the full report here.


Watch Charlotte Mark, CEO of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, explain why Denmark is all about talents.

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