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Denmark one of the best countries for biotechnology innovation


Denmark is ranked second in biotechnology innovation in this year’s Scientific American Worldview Scorecard comparing 50 countries from around the world.

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The survey covers several areas that are relevant to assess a country’s capabilities in biotechnology. Denmark performs particularly well in protection of intellectual property rights, public policy and stability, and the intensity of biotechnology innovation.

Protection of intellectual property rights is especially important in biotechnology due to large investments in research and development and the long lead times to market.

On the public policy and stability measure Denmark is ranked second, not at least thanks to a government that assures stable and supportive polices toward biotechnology development and a safe and well-organized society in general.

Finally, Denmark grabs the top spot in intensity of biotech innovation through a combination of high scores in public biotechnology companies, employees and revenue in those companies, plus high ranking in its percentage of patents directed at biotechnology and the proportion of R&D spending on biotechnology.

Best country for doing business

Denmark’s overall strong rankings emphasize that Denmark is a great country for doing business within the biotechnology industry as well as in many other areas. The Biopharmaceutical Competitiveness and Investment Survey, which is also featured in the recent edition of Scientific American Worldview, ranks Denmark highest among 11 featured countries when it comes to being and attractive country for doing business. The survey looks at the conditions for investments including scientific capabilities and infrastructure, clinical environment, manufacturing and logistics, regulatory framework, healthcare financing, effective market access activities, overall market conditions, and the general impression.

Read more about Danish biotech or about establishing a business in Denmark here on the website or see the complete Scorecard survey from page 22 in this edition of Scientific American Worldview.

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