Denmark supports green research  

with 38 mio. USD


The Council for Strategic Research in Denmark launches 13 new projects that can speed up the green transition as a step towards the Danish goal of becoming entirely free of fossil fuels by 2050 with funding of 220 mio. DKK equivalent to 38 mio. USD.

Solar panels

In the projects, universities and companies will cooperate to transform scientific knowledge into technological knowhow and solutions that can be key elements in handling some of the challenges in creating a more sustainable energy system.

The major part of the funding is granted to projects which can make it more cost efficient to convert the Danish energy sector to be entirely based on renewables. This year, projects within biogas, photovoltaic solutions, fuels cells, batteries and heat pumps are on the list as well as research that will enhance the level of knowledge in regard to efficient electricity markets and consumer behavior. In former years, focus has been on wind energy, where Denmark is already a leading nation.

The aim of the Strategic Research Council is to ensure Denmark’s position as a global frontrunner regarding welfare, wealth and science. As part of this overall goal, the Programme Commission on Sustainable Energy and Environment works to increase the share of renewable energy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and to create a renewable and environmentally sustainable energy system. 

Energy agreement for a fossil free Denmark                              

This spring, the Danish government entered a historically broad an ambitious energy agreement, which means that there is high political attention and support to make Denmark free of fossil fuels like oil, carbon and gas.

The Chairman of the committee, Professor Poul Erik Morthorst from DTU Management Engineering, explains in a Danish press release:

- “With the energy agreement from March this year, the politicians are heading for an energy system dominated by electricity where a great part of the supply will be sourced from energy sources with fluctuating production like wind and sun. This puts high demands on an efficient handling, if we are to preserve a stable and secure energy system.”

One of the projects is 4M Centre for commercializing of high temperature fuel cells where the Danish Technical University and Aalborg University host some of the world’s leading research environments. The center expects to benefit from the important international market for fuel cells and Danish start-ups and Korean universities will be involved.

Clean energy

for a smart grid

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