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Innovative Danish design solutions and a smart energy grid are some of the reasons why the German solar company Solarpark Rodenäs now establishes an associated company in Denmark.

Solar panels

The German solar company Solarpark Rodenäs plans, builds and maintains photovoltaic installations and solar parks. The company was founded in 2003 and already holds a subsidiary in California in the US. Solarpark Rodenäs has its headquarters in Northern Germany and will enter the Nordic markets through a Danish company in Southern Denmark in the city of Løgumkloster. Solarpark DK will be serving as Nordic HUB for sales, R&D and possibly production.

Solarpark Rodenäs has been cooperating with the Danish company Hydro Aluminium for a while, so the knowledge of the Danish design knowhow was already in place. With a decreasing German market and a booming demand in Denmark, it was an easy decision to establish a sales and R&D office in Denmark.

Design driven innovation and development of solar solutions

But sales opportunities are only part of the reason why Solarpark Rodenäs has opened an associated company in Denmark.

“We are convinced that our new location will be an asset for the development of a new generation of photovoltaic solutions,” says CEO Frank Groneberg, and continues, “We already collaborate with the Danish company Hydro Aluminium and now look forward to becoming a more integrated part of the Danish solar industry. Denmark is a frontrunner when it comes to integrating design and functionality in innovative solar solutions. By tapping into this knowhow we can enhance our products and meet new demands in the market.”

Denmark has a strong design tradition, which also characterises the Danish solar sector in which aesthetics and thinking ahead of user needs is a central part of product development. Through Invest in Denmark, Solarpark Rodenäs has identified cooperation partners in Denmark that can help them integrate Danish knowhow in their new products.

Net metering prompts market opportunities in Denmark

Project Manager Kim Schultz from Invest in Denmark has assisted Solarpark Rodenäs with information about the Danish solar cell market and relevant contacts to potential partners and service providers. He explains why the Danish market is booming:

“The demand for solar cells has increased dramatically since net metering was implemented in 2010. Net metering gives private households and public institutions the possibility of ‘storing’ surplus production in the public grid, which makes solar panels considerably more attractive.”

Danish smart grid technology and a committed green market

Denmark holds a globally leading position in the development of a smart energy grid, another key element in renewable energy solutions like solar panels. Optimizing their products for smart grid integration is another advantage that Solarpark Rodenäs looks forward to explore in cooperation with Danish partners.

There is a strong and broad political commitment to renewable energy, and the parliament just entered into a new and ambitious agreement that will assure that 35 per cent of the Danish energy supply will be based on renewables by 2020, making it 100 per cent by 2050. Already today, Denmark covers 20 per cent of the national energy consumption with renewables.

“As part of the new agreement, we are committed to creating a comprehensive strategy for establishing smart grids in Denmark. To promote the transition to renewable energy, we have furthermore dedicated 42 mio. DKK to analysing how we can make green solutions like solar energy even more attractive in the future,” says Minister for Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen Dyhr.

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