Great Scientific Environment and Danish Work-Life  

Balance attracts Cleantech Talent from Italy


The opportunity to address important challenges facing society in a strong research environment has gotten one of Italy's leading young energy researchers to accept a professorship at Aalborg University. The family-friendly Danish framework that also gives spouses good career possibilities was an important factor in the decision.

Wind Energy

“In Italy, it’s difficult for women to both work and have children. It’s different in Denmark which is much more family friendly. My wife Natalia is an engineer and also has a PhD, and it has been important for us and for our decision that there might also be a career opportunity for her here,” explains Marco Liserre, 38, who is employed at Aalborg University's Department of Energy Technology.

As part of the research center CORPE (Center Of Reliable Power Electronics) he will pave the way for reliable solutions that advance sustainable energy sources like wind and solar.

The Center's director, Professor Frede Blaabjerg, is full of praise for his younger colleague:

-“ Ever since he first came to Aalborg 13 years ago, his abilities as a researcher and his organizational talents have been clear. At a very early stage in his career, he has been able to see solutions in our field that have had great significance, as there is increased focus on renewable energy. This also means that his work is used frequently by other researchers around the world who are working with the same issues,” says Frede Blaabjerg in a press release.

The employment of Marco Liserre is supported by the Obel Family Foundation through a special professor program, established to attract talented international researchers to Aalborg University.

High ambitions to be realized in Aalborg

Marco Liserre had offers from other research institutions and companies in several countries. Personal ambitions to accomplish things that can really make a difference helped point the compass in the direction of Aalborg University.

- “Good environments can be found everywhere, but I really like the way things are organized in Aalborg. The department and the center have been able to attract the best researchers I know in my field, and there are resources to tackle a new and major challenge. When you’re young, you want to accomplish something important with your research. The framework here makes it possible,” says Marco Liserre.

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