Invest in Denmark embarks  

on ambitious design tour in Asia


Invest in Denmark sets off on a 10 days long design tour around Asia to put Denmark on the map as the best place in Europe for new investments in the creative fields.

Asian companies wanting to upscale on design and innovation should consider investing in Denmark, as its world-leading designers, design schools and design companies have a wealth of experience to offer.  

That will be the key message on the Industrial Design Asia Tour arranged by Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, which will take place from 8-18 May in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Seoul and Tokyo.  

Danish innovation and design increase sales

The aim of the tour is to put more focus on strong Danish competencies within industrial design and innovation. As companies are facing increasing pressure to reduce their costs of productions, they have to think of new ways to create more innovative and creative products offering more value to their customers. And this is where Asian companies can learn from Denmark, says Henrik Brandt Jensen, Asian-Pacific Director of Invest in Denmark, who is leading the tour.  

- Global companies can learn from the power of Danish design and use it in their business strategy to become more successful. Denmark is globally renowned for its long and proud design tradition, and it is a powerful hub for business, organisations and academic institutions in the creative fields, says Henrik Brandt Jensen.

Top industrial designers speak at Danish Design World Tour

Eskild Hansen, who is part of a new generation of internationally recognised Danish designers, will be a key note speaker on the tour which will consist of a mixture of workshops, VIP lunches and client meetings. Eskild Hansen is Global Director of Design at Coloplast and former Head of Cisco's European Design Center.

The five other key note speakers are Vinay Venkatraman and Brian Rink from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), Jesper Brehmer, Lenovo Innovation Design Center, Torsten Valeur, Chief of David Lewis Designers and Bo Linnemann, Kontrapunkt.

About Danish design

Modern Danish Design emerged in the 1950s as a design movement stressing the idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should be affordable to the masses. This renaissance in thought was the culmination of 100 years of design and industrialization sweeping Denmark, beginning mid-19th century.

Today, Danish design is recognized and acclaimed around the globe. Architects, designers and business flock to Denmark each year to study the Danish approach to design and Copenhagen is now viewed as one of the leading design capitals in the world. Samsung led tv

Samsung led tv. Samsung systematically brings their designers and strategic leaders to Denmark and say that Danish design is highly apparent in their products.

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