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Read about Nordic food, Danish agriculture, better IT systems and much more.

In this issue of Focus Denmark we turn our attention to the increasingly popular Danish cuisine. Food lovers no longer need to travel north to eat Nordic food, because restaurants serving Danish food are popping up around the world, and the popularity of Nordic food has stimulated exports of Danish produce. In a mini-theme on agriculture, we report on a boom in sales to China, which are expected to nearly triple over the next five years. We also delve into the history of Denmark as an agricultural land – from 150 years ago when famine was rife, to today when Denmark produces much more food than the country itself needs.

And we have other things on the menu besides food. Meet businessmen who are seeking to supply the financial world with better IT systems, local fishermen who are fighting to preserve one of the nation’s last coastal fishing communities, the directors behind genre-experimenting documentary films that have become big sellers worldwide, and a Chinese investor who used a closure-threatened wind turbine factory in Denmark as a stepping stone to global expansion.

 Focus Denmark October 2012

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