New welding center in Denmark  

will help cut production costs


A new welding center at Lindø now offers the world’s most powerful laser equipment that can help manufacturers of e.g. wind turbine towers reduce production expenses.

A new welding center LWT (Lindoe Welding Technology) has been established at Lindø Industrial Park. The center is founded by LORC and Force Technology and is about to place an order for the world’s most powerful laser equipment for industrial use that can both cut and weld heavy section steel plates. The equipment will be available for the industry, e.g. the wind turbine industry that is experiencing an urgent need to cut costs for serial production of towers.

Reduced production costs through automating

The cost of producing a tower constitutes a significant proportion of the price for a wind turbine because the welding process and the quality assurance that follows is extensive. Automating the process using the latest laser technology can reduce the production costs for a wind turbine tower considerably and thereby offer an opportunity to European producers to retain production in Europe.

The powerful laser constitutes a larger investment than traditional welding equipment, but in return the speed of welding can increase by a factor 20.

Laser welding is already widely utilized in the automotive industry, where the speed and efficiency of the welding in combination with its high quality has made the equipment a must have. The new thing is that this laser technology has reached a state where the same welding characteristics can be transferred to heavy section steel.

In future LWT will assist industry in developing experience and procedures for laser technology, ultimately putting it into use in serial production.

“We will help industry develop new and advantageous production methods, because they are faster, cheaper, and more reliable,” says the CEO of LWT, Christian Højerslev.

LWT is a partnership owned by Force Technology and LORC

Force Technology (formerly Svejsecentralen) is an international consultancy and development company which offers a wide variety of services and solutions for the vessel and building industry, the medical industry and food processing industry, the oil industry and the energy, environmental and processing industries. Since 1939, Force Technology has collected extensive knowledge about welding, including laser welding.

LORC is a non-profit, independent, commercial foundation that aims to develop central test and demonstration facilities useful for the green offshore industry. The aim is to collect and bring into use the latest technology in order to reduce costs for the sector. LORC was founded by some of the largest players in the wind industry, such as Dong Energy Siemens Wind Power, Vattenfall and Vestas.


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