Professor from Aalborg University  

receives Vodafone Award within mobile technology


Professor Frank Fitzek from Aalborg University in Northern Denmark has received the prestigious Vodafone Innovation Award for his ground-breaking research within mobile communication.

The German mobile operator Vodafone promotes the development of new mobile technology through the Vodafone Innovation prize which gives honour and a prize money of 25,000 Euro to a front mover within research in mobile technology. This year the prize was given to Professor Franz Fitzek, head of the Mobile Device Group at the Deparment for Electronic Systems at Aalborg Universitet.

Franz Fitzek has been a driving force in establishing user cooperation as a research area. User cooperation enables mobile users within a limited geographical area to share data. The research has already shown concrete results with a startup company named Steinwurf founded by two of Franz Fitzek’s P.hd. students. Steinwurf provides applications that allow users to share resources locally between mobile devices.

- We in Europe have lost the production of mobile hardware to other continents, but an area, where we can beat e.g. Asia, is the innovation part. We need to improve ourselves continuously, “ says award winner Frank Fitzek in a press release from Aalborg University.

Danish mobile and wireless industry among the world’s strongest

A strong and unique interplay between Danish universities and the industry, both domestic and abroad, has resulted in Denmark maintaining its top position within communication technology and software engineering. Corporations such as Motorola, Microsoft, Ericsson and Google have already chosen to benefit from this favourable location and invested in research and development facilities in Denmark.

Learn more about wireless and mobile technology in Denmark.

Watch award winner Franz Fitzek at the prize ceremony in Dresden below (in German).



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