New Study shows:  

Skilled Danish labour raises productivity

Production in Denmark

A new study in Denmark shows that employing skilled workers gives production companies a financial benefit as productivity increases.

Despite the higher wages, trained workers turn out to be cheapest at the end of the day. This is the conclusion of a study by Copenhagen Business School including 2252 Danish production companies. The main reasons are that skilled workers can make use of advanced technology and are more likely to solve problems quickly and independently.

“If production makes use of advanced technology, you get a higher benefit in Denmark,” says Professor Jan Rose Skaksen from Copenhagen Business School in Børsen yesterday.

Global companies choose Denmark for production

Alfa Laval, a global leader in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling is one of the international companies that knows the advantages of the Danish labour market, also when it comes to production:

“The flexible labour market makes Denmark a very attractive country to operate in, but the main reason for our presence here is the talent pool that we see in Denmark,” CEO Lars Renström said to Ingeniøren, when the company chose to increase their activities in Denmark.

Denmark not only holds a self-motivated and productive workforce and a flexible labour market, but also offers great international accessibility and national infrastructure.

Read more about the Danish labour market and setting up a production centre in Denmark her on the website.



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