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Health IT company Systematic is to develop a new National Patient Index in Denmark that will enable more efficient treatment.

Before the end of 2013, Danish healthcare personal will be able to access all relevant digital healthcare information on their patients in just one spot.

The Danish Health IT company Systematic has won the bid for developing a new National Patient Index (NPI) that will enable doctors and other healthcare professionals to view patient information in their own clinical IT systems and unhindered by operational and jurisdictional boundaries – no matter where in the country the patient in question has previously been treated.

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Today, doctors have to access patient data from different IT-systems, but the new system will be much more efficient when admitting patients with acute illnesses or dealing with patients with complex treatment regimes.

Ordinary Danes will also be able to use the system where they can view information about the results from their own examinations and the treatment they receive from the Danish healthcare system.

Denmark is today one of the world’s leading countries in the use of health and welfare tech­nology.

Health and welfare technology is an area that combines two very strong clusters in Denmark, the ICT Cluster and the Life Sciences Cluster.

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