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Denmark Second in the World


Boston Consulting Group’s e-Intensity Index 2012 ranks Denmark second just after South Korea. The report concludes that government policies are crucial to promote an extensive use of the internet.

The e-Intensity Index measures online enablement, expenditure and engagement to provide an overall assessment of the Internet activity worldwide.

Like last year, South Korea and Denmark top BCG’s 2012 e-Intensity Index, but the spread between countries with highest and lowest scores has been doubling since 2009.

Targeted Government Policies boost Internet Use in Denmark

The report points to the fact that government policies are playing an important role in defining the differences between stronger and weaker performers.

“It’s increasingly clear that some countries ‘get’ the Internet - and its impact on economic activity - while others are failing to fulfill their potential,” says James Purnell, a senior advisor to BCG and a former U.K. secretary of state for culture, media, and sport. “Governments of the countries that are at the top of the rankings- or are rapidly moving up - look to encourage Internet use among consumers and businesses and within government itself, because they recognize that it can be a powerful edge in the competitive global economy, including job creation. Countries further down the list risk falling further behind if they do not act.”

The Danish Minister for Trade and Investment, Mrs. Pia Olsen Dyhr, recognizes this role:

“Digitalizing public services has been on the agenda in Denmark for more than a decade to the benefit of citizens and companies in Denmark. Whether you are registering a company or consulting your physician, it can be done online. Just recently we implemented digital land registration and we are continuously working to provide more and better digital services.”

Online in Denmark

Denmark Ideal for Development and Test

The Danish world-class IT infrastructure and online presence forms a great platform for companies across sectors, working actively with ICT as part of their business case. ICT Team leader Ditte Rønde Veise from Invest in Denmark elaborates:

“The fact that IT and internet are an integrated part of everyday life in Denmark, make Danes early adapters and the Danish market an ideal entry point for companies with innovative products. Combined with a long experience with user-driven product development, Denmark is highly regarded as a market for the design, development and testing of new competitive products, services and solutions”

About the report

The 2012 BCG e-Intensity Index, covers 85 countries - including all 27 EU countries - during the four-year period from 2009 to 2012.

Different from other Internet indexes and rankings mainly focusing on network speeds and penetration, the e-Intensity Index provides a comprehensive cross-country assessment of the depth and breadth of Internet activity, by measuring different countries’ supply of Internet infrastructure (enablement), the demand for and use of online retail and advertising (expenditure), and Internet services (engagement). Historical e-Intensity Index scores back to 2009 have been calculated for all 85 countries. To download a copy of the report, please go to www.bcgperspectives.com.

A leading

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