Billions to help Industries in Denmark  

Go Green


As part of the Danish Government’s Energy Agreement, 500 million Euro will be distributed to help heavy industries move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

-  “The fund will enable businesses to participate in our conversion to renewable energy while also making them more competitive. The goal is to have the most efficient and green businesses in the world,”
says Climate, Energy and Buildings Minister Martin Lidegaard in a press release.

The bill was presented to parliament this week and is hoped to be up and running by summer. The Euro 500 million will be released in portions from 2013 to 2020.

Four Main Goals to Assist a Green Transition

The first goal of the fund is to invest in businesses to help them replace fossil fuels with renewable energy to power their manufacturing operations.

The second goal of the fund is to help businesses replace fossil fuels with district heating. For example plant nurseries will be able to scrap their coal-fired heaters and replace them with district heating that will eventually be powered by renewable energy sources.

The third goal of the fund is to encourage businesses to couple investments in energy efficiency with an increased use of renewable energy sources.

The fourth and last goal is to help coal-fired power plants convert to biomass.

 “I hope that we receive a lot of applications from businesses. It would only be a good thing for the climate, and in the long term it will improve the businesses’ competitiveness as they will stop having to depend on fossil fuels whose prices are likely to continue rising,” Martin Lidegaard says.

The fund’s goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 1 million a year and is hoped to be up and running by summer.


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