Chinese Investors Choose Denmark  

for Competences


An evaluation of Chinese investments in Denmark shows that sector specific competences are the main reason why Chinese companies choose Denmark.

Invest in Denmark has assessed 32 Chinese investments into Denmark in 2010-2012. No less than 94 percent say that their investment is competence-driven.

Chinese investor, Mr. Yi Wu, CEO of Xunda Tech, says:

-      “Denmark is the world leader in biomass and cleantech industry with an ambitious green strategy, and an amazing talent pool to make it happen.(…)In Denmark we get access to key technology and cutting edge knowledge within the field of biomass boilers.”

Next to high tech competences, Chinese investors point to product development opportunities as key for choosing Denmark in front of other locations. On top comes an appreciation of the competent cooperation partners (R&D, suppliers, service providers etc.).

Skilled Employees and World-leading Investment Climate

According to the World Bank, Denmark is the easiest place to do business in Europe, and the positive investment climate is also mentioned by a majority of Chinese investors in Denmark. In addition, Chinese investors appreciate the easy access to skilled employees as well as markets access in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

An example from 2012 is the Chinese company Titan Wind Energy producing wind towers in Denmark, benefitting from skilled Danish workers and an ideal location close to the port of Esbjerg. Mr. Yan Junxu, Founder and CEO of Titan Wind Energy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., says about the establishment:

- “Our new tower facility here in Denmark increases our possibilities of servicing and expanding our global customer base. The location of our European headquarters in Varde is optimal because we see Denmark as the focal point for the global wind industry. Europe is the region that offers the most promising outlook for the development of offshore wind energy.”

The number of Chinese investments into Denmark is increasing, and the total amount of Chinese companies in Denmark is estimated to be around 80.

About the Evaluation

The statements from Chinese investors (2010-2012) are collected by the auditing companies Deloitte and KPMG on behalf of Invest in Denmark as part of yearly evaluations of Invest in Denmark’s efforts to attract foreign companies to Denmark.

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