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Denmark - The Heart of Life Sciences for Clinical Trials


Denmark excels when it comes to testing new medicines in clinical trials. In the upcoming issue of the International Pharmaceutical Industry Magazine, Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen from Invest in Denmark explains why.

"No one in the pharmaceuticals industry today is in doubt that time is the scarcest resource in clinical development, and no one wants to put the study quality at risk. For this reason, Denmark has been among the preferred countries for conducting clinical trials for decades. The unique Danish life science environment makes it optimal for companies to conduct clinical research in various therapeutic areas. Important parameters such as time, complexity and economy work in favour of companies located here. Furthermore, since the patient retention is very high, the costs per evaluable data point come out quite favourably.Denmark has a well-functioning public national health insurance system and hospital services of a very high standard, which contributes to Denmark’s leading position within clinical research.

Uunique data systems make it possible to cross-reference data from various databases across different areas, e.g. personal identification numbers, the personal identification number system, health economic statistics and diagnosis registration in general practice. Additionally, one may cross data registers like the personal identification number with clinical trials data, making it possible to connect personal information such as address, income, gender, age, etc. with decades of samples from the various national biobanks."

Download the pdf to read the entire article or contact Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen for further information. Read the entire issue online.

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