Copenhagen Airport  

Again the Most Efficient in Europe


Copenhagen Airport has been rated the most efficient airport in Europe for the eighth time in ten years by the Air Transport Research Society, a special research group that analyses and evaluates efficiency at airports worldwide.

Danish Airports

"We see the rating as Europe's most efficient airport as recognition of our efforts to strengthen our position as the key hub of Northern Europe. Denmark has many more airline routes than the size of our country and population would otherwise warrant. This is because Copenhagen Airport is an efficient hub and gateway to other world destinations for passengers from the entire Nordic region, the Baltic States, Poland, northern Germany and northern UK. Consequently, it is essential that we continue to develop Copenhagen Airport, and that we continue to reduce our customers' costs of operation," says the CEO of Copenhagen Airport Thomas Woldbye.

Director at Invest in Denmark, Susanne Hyldelund, recognizes the importance of a sound infrastructure:

- “Companies often choose Denmark as the location for their European or Nordic headquarters because of our location and infrastructure. Copenhagen Airport is the air hub of the region, but we also have three other international airports, as well as prime connections by see and land.”

Self-service increases efficiency

The work to reduce customers' overall costs of operating at Copenhagen Airport is a key element of CPH's World Class Hub strategy. One way of reducing costs – while also increasing efficiency – is self-service. Copenhagen Airport was a first mover when self-service kiosks were introduced about a decade ago, and there are now 99 check-in kiosks at the airport. More than 50% of passengers check in at the kiosks when flying out from Copenhagen Airport.

Earlier this year, Copenhagen Airport also introduced self-service boarding-pass scanners before security screening, and they will later be introduced at the gates as well. Last, but not least, Copenhagen Airport will introduce self-service bag-drops later this year.

About the rating

"Europe's most efficient airport" is awarded by the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS), consisting of professors and aviation experts from universities worldwide who have developed a method for comparing airport efficiency. It is the eighth time in ten years that Copenhagen Airport is rated Europe's most efficient airport.



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