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The regional Danish ICT cluster BrainsBusiness has been awarded with the Cluster Management Excellence Gold Label, the highest level a cluster organisation can reach in the European Union.

The European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI) is the EU-Commission’s quality labelling system for cluster organisations and ensures that these are professionally managed and focus on providing value to members and stakeholders of the cluster. It is the first time that a regional Danish cluster has received the Gold Label and CEO of the Danish IT industry association IT-Branchen, Morten Bangsgaard, is impressed that a regional cluster achieves this recognition:

- The Danish IT Industry Association has collaborated with BrainsBusiness for several years and seen how the cluster has managed to draw attention to itself, created results and managed to create an impressive visibility for the cluster and its members. We are very impressed.

The criteria for receiving the Gold Label include organisation, strategy, finance, members, services, results and recognition of the cluster organisation. Providing value to the members through knowledge sharing, facilitation of cooperation and innovative thinking are in focus and the Chairman of BrainsBusiness, Grimur Lund, is convinced that the strong cooperation between the stakeholders behind BrainsBusiness and the high degree of support from the members are key reasons for the achievement:

- The gold medal proves more than anything else that two and two is more than four, and I really appreciate that the EU Commission chooses to put focus on the strength of well-functioning clusters. When we are a gold cluster in the eyes of the ECEI and live up to their high standards, it is first and foremost due to a close collaboration among the partners.”

Denmark is a strong location for ICT business; it is praised as one of the best test market in the world and gives access to a large, innovative talent pool. Best Brains is based in northern Denmark which is particularly strong within mobile and wireless technologies. Other Danish key areas within ICT are acoustics and software development.

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