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Horns Rev 3 Put Out to Tender


The Danish Energy Agency has published the contract notice for the upcoming 400 MW Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm. Horns Rev 3 will be able to supply around 400,000 households and is a concrete result of the ambitious and broad Energy Agreement of 2012.

Horns Rev

Energy capacity at sea to be doubled

As part of the energy agreement of 2012 the Danish government decided that power capacity at sea should be more than doubled by 2020. The other parks in the Energy Agreement, the 600 MW ‘Krieger's Flak’ in the Baltic and the combined total of 450 MW of coastal parks, will be put out to tender during 2014. Finally, pilot wind turbines with the capacity to produce 50 MW will be established at sea. This intensified expansion at sea has created strong interest in the Danish projects amongst both Danish and foreign companies.

- "The contract notice for Horns Rev 3 marks an important milestone in our efforts to create more competition to build Danish offshore wind farms and attract new capital for the green transition in Denmark. Today's announcement is the result of an intensive dialogue with the market to create the right framework conditions in Denmark. We have managed to find solutions that we believe will ensure serious bidders and more competition in the Danish market," said Climate, Energy and Building Minister Martin Lidegaard in a press release.

Prequalification requirements

The contract notice sets out the main principles of bidding and outlines the requirements necessary to become prequalified in order to participate in the tender, which will be conducted as a negotiated procedure. The prequalification ensures that only those who tender and are able to undertake the task, both financially and technically, can participate in the tendering procedure.The requirements for prequalification are customised to create more competition and bring new players and financial institutions to the Danish market. Among other things, there are now less severe requirements for financial and economic capacity in comparison to the last bidding process undertaken for an offshore wind farm in Denmark at Anholt in 2010. The rest of the tender specifications will be published in early 2014 and will include additional economic conditions for the establishment and operation of the park as well as a draft concession agreement. The deadline for applying for prequalification is the 23 April 2014.The tender notice can be found at www.ens.dk/offshorewind.

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