Denmark Rolls out the Red Carpet  

for Business Visitors


The Danish government introduces fast new entry visa procedures which make it even easier for companies to get their visa applications processed and send employees to Denmark.

Red Carpet for Business Visitors

The Red Carpet Program introduces simplified procedures for obtaining Danish Schengen visas for applicants who travel regularly to Denmark for business purposes. Danish Embassies and Consulates General will be able to pre-approve companies and grant their associates an entry visa in just three days under an arrangement called ‘Red Carpet’.

Director of Invest in Denmark Susanne Hyldelund welcomes the new red carpet initiative:

- “Companies and investors with frequent travels to Denmark will be able to get their visas within three days even without applying in person. On top of that we offer multiple-entry visas valid for a period of 5 years.”

The Red Carpet Program is open to private and public companies or organisations provided they meet the requirements mentioned on the local Danish embassy’s website. The aim is to assist those companies, organisations, NGO’s etc. that have business relations with a Danish company or organisation, including a company subsidiary in Denmark. The accreditation of a company or organization must have taken place before an employee or associate can benefit from the Red Carpet Program.

For further information about the Red Carpet program and the accreditation procedure please visit and choose your country of origin in the drop down menu to the right.

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