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The global retail clothing company C&A opens two stores in Denmark to target the fashion conscious Danish consumers with quality clothing at reasonable prices.

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A large new player has entered the Danish retail market for fashion. C&A chose attractive, central locations for its two new stores. The harbour cities Aarhus and Kolding do not only offer the necessary store space, but they are also vibrant cities, where people and fashion meet every day.

Regional Project Manager Søren Birkelund from Invest in Denmark explains:

-“There is a large market for fashion at accessible prices in Denmark, which C&A will be able to benefit from with their two new shops. A potential expansion into other Nordic countries is very well supported by both the Danish infrastructure and tax rules.”

Invest in Denmark has assisted C&A since the end of 2012 to ensure a smooth entrance into the Danish market.

Hans Pollet, CFO of C&A Germany says:

- "We were positively surprised by the friendliness and speed with which Invest in DK approached us after contacting them via their website. Before that, we tried to contact some local people like lawyers but in many cases, we had very practical questions where we needed a practical instead of a long legal answer. The specialists from Invest in DK were always ready to help and spoke with contact people in DK whenever needed, all of this for free! Since they cannot give a binding legal advice, they provided us with the necessary contacts to reach out to. We really felt their enthusiasm and eagerness to get us back into Denmark which we appreciated a lot.”

About C&A
C&A is an international chain of fashion retail clothing stores, with its European head offices in Vilvoorde (near Brussels), Belgium and Düsseldorf, Germany. The company was founded by Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer in 1841 as a Dutch textile company, taking its company name from their initials. C&A has 1575 shops distributed across 21 European countries and offer clothing to women, men, children and infants.

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