New Danish Business Network Believes  

in Green Transition as Growth Driver


A new Danish business network of major Danish companies will work for an ambitious climate policy in the EU that can create a long-term framework with greater investment opportunities for companies. The network sees a significant financial potential in the transition to a green business model.

The newly formed network of Danish business leaders is a Danish branch of the EU Green Growth Business Platform and was launched last week by the Climate, Energy and Building minister, Martin Lidegaard, who agrees that the business potential is vast:

- "It is important that politicians and businesses work together to set ambitious targets for the European transition. With ambitious targets and guidelines, there is huge scope for stable investments in green initiatives. In this way, we can together make the most profit out of the economic and climatic opportunities that exist under an ambitious and green climate policy. It is simply in everybody’s interests to create the best conditions for companies who want to contribute to the development of this green transition".

12 leading Danish companies continue green discussions after 3GF

As a starting point for the new Danish network, twelve of the Denmark’s largest companies met in Brussels with the Climate, Energy and Building minister, Martin Lidegaard, for an informal discussion of the EU 2030 framework on climate and energy policy.

The network's creation is an extension of the Green Growth Summit, where 150 European business leaders, commission members, ministers and MEPs gather to discuss how the fight against climate change can go hand in hand with green transformation and economic growth.

On the Danish side, both the Minister and the network indicated their support for the need for a long-term framework to ensure sustainable growth, innovation, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. At the same time, they wish to ensure that the EU's dependence on imports of fossil fuels is reduced. If successful, such efforts will not only benefit the climate but will also create new jobs in the EU and strengthen competitiveness.

The Danish companies behind the start-up are: Danfoss, DONG Energy, Grundfos , Vestas, Novozymes, Rockwool , Siemens Denmark , VELUX, Kamstrup , SE, ScanEnergy and Clever.

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