New Danish House of Green  

will Showcase Sustainable Solutions


Denmark’s first interactive visitors’ and exhibition centre for green solutions was inaugurated yesterday by the H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Opening of House of Green

The new House of Green is located in the heart of Copenhagen and is a platform to showcase green Danish technologies and the Denmark’s road to a green transition. The new venue is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation and the inauguration was attended by Minister for Climate, Energy and Buildings, Martin Lidegaard, and Minister for the Environment, Ida Auken.

14 international delegations booked in September

House of Green will contribute to strengthen the competitiveness of Danish business life by acting as a first stop for international delegations that visit Denmark. Visitors are able to explore Danish solutions and competences before they venture out on a live tour to witness first-hand how the solutions work in real life.

There is already great interest in House of Green. In September alone, corporate and political decision makers from 14 countries have already booked a visit, including delegations from Japan, Mexico and Lithuania. 

Don’t tell it, show it!

House of Green has 400 sqm of open space divided into three main areas: an interactive landscape, a virtual universe and a lounge with flexible meeting facilities. Combined, it creates a unique setting where visitors can acquire knowledge about both political framework conditions as well as the integrated technical solutions that pave the way for the green transition, displayed through a combination of self-exploration and interaction.

Executive Director of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Karsten Dybvad, spoke on behalf of Danish corporate life and was keen on the fact, that House of Green can fulfill the old saying: Show it, don’t tell it:

- “The framework has been developed so that both business life and the official Denmark can become even better at not just telling the story about Danish solutions, but showing he numerous international delegations and decision makers, how we in Denmark believe that the right technological solutions can create a better future. Not just for us in Denmark, but for even who is ready to be inspired. At House of Green you are able to get the overview of how technology and knowledge from Danish companies is integrated and how it enables the green transition,” Dybvad explained.  

Green business is good business

Danish green technologies are among the best in the world and export of green energy technologies alone accounted for DKK 32.5 billion in 2012. In addition to this, Danish export of water technologies accounted for DKK 15 billion, and it is the expectation of both government and businesses that export within these areas can be increased over the coming years. 

State of Green

State of Green will have the daily responsibility for House of Green. State of Green is a public-private partnership with the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Danish Wind Industry Association as the private group of owners. The consortium has promoted green Danish solutions internationally since 2008, and the new showroom constitutes a powerful platform to serve this purpose.


Clean energy

for a smart grid

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