New European School to Open  

in Copenhagen


Financing for the construction of a new European school in Copenhagen has been approved. The school is expected to open already next year.

School Children

Copenhagen's City Council has set aside 150 million DKK (approx. 20 million Euro) to fund the new European school that will help satisfy the increasing demand for international education.

- "A European School in Copenhagen will be a significant contributing factor for companies in attracting and retaining highly skilled foreign workers. We know that international schools are an important competitive factor when companies are persuading foreign employees to move to Denmark. They must be able to say that we have schooling which the family is already familiar with and which they will be able to continue with in another country," says Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen.

Denmark is eligible for a European School because the EU's environmental agency is located in Copenhagen. The children of EU employees have priority for places at the school, which will be free of charge just like Danish public schools.

In Denmark there are a number of private and international schools offering classes in English, the largest are Bjørn's International School, Copenhagen International School, Rygaards School and Hørsholm International School. A few international schools offer education in other foreign languages such as French, German or Arabic.

While most international schools are located around Copenhagen there are also international schools located near Århus, Aalborg, Næstved and Sønderborg. Click to see a list of international schools in Denmark and read more about schooling and child care.



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