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The international rating agency Fitch Ratings affirms the Danish economy's AAA-ranking.

Denmark affirmed AAA Rating by Fitch Ratings

 “Denmark has strong and transparent institutions, which contribute to a stable political and economic environment, outperforming the 'AAA' rated medians in five out of six World Bank governance indicators. It also ranks very high on the Ease of Doing Business index,” it reads in a press release by Fitch Ratings.

Only seven other countries in the world share this AAA-ranking and can offer the same stable outlook as Denmark. 

Susanne Hyldelund, Director for Invest in Denmark, says:

- “Fitch Rankings point to the Danish government’s commitment to fiscal discipline, low inflation and strong institutions as some of the key reason for the top rating. The analysis also highlights the fact that we have a wealthy, high value-added and diverse economy.”

”The same reasons that make Denmark one of the most stable economies in the world also make it a great place to do business. I hope that this triple-A ranking will encourage more foreign businesses to seize the opportunity to become part of the attractive Danish business environment.”

Despite its size, Denmark is often highlighted positively in international rankings and reports:

The Economist: The Nordic Countries are Probably the Best-Governed in the World”

Forbes: Denmark is one of the Best Countries for Doing Business

World Bank: Denmark is the Easiest Place to Do Business in Europe 

Goldman-Sachs: Denmark no. 1 in the world for Commercial Success

Transparency International: Denmark is the Least Corrupt Country in the World

Heidrick & Struggles: Denmark has best workforce in the world

Scientific American Worldview : Denmark one of the best countries for biotechnology innovation

Click to read the entire press release by Fitch Ratings or learn more about the methodology behind the ranking.

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