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Tonight 59 sustainable designs competed to take home the world's biggest and most important design prize, the INDEX: Award worth €500,000. The winners were unveiled at a spectacular award ceremony in the beautiful city of Elsinore under the attendance of HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark along with a global audience of some of the greatest minds within design.

Smart Highway - Design to Improve Life

The winners of INDEX: Award is not traditional design, but rather design that vastly improves the lives of people all over the world. The Danish, non-profit design organization INDEX: Design to Improve Life® received over 1,000 nominations for the competition from 73 countries around world and among these, the international INDEX: Award Jury initially selected 59 finalist designs, from which the five winners were announced tonight.

INDEX: Award is awarded in five categories: Body, Home, Work, Play and Community, and the five winners share a total purse of €500,000 - the largest sum for a design prize in the world.

INDEX: Award illustrates how design can be a decisive factor when addressing the world's most pressing challenges like climate change, overpopulation, poverty, food waste and other important issues.

Denmark has a long tradition within design which has developed from functional and aesthetic design into a far broader use of design to improve solutions and society. INDEX was founded in 2002 in Denmark and is building on this tradition and knowhow. The mission is to Inspire, Educate and Engage in designing sustainable solutions to global challenges.

The 2013 winning designs at a glance:

- Smart Highway is an interactive and sustainable road that includes a five-step plan for modernizing European roadways. It proposes embedding highways with technology that can visually communicate when the road is slippery, charge your electric car as you drive, and generate electricity for its own lights. The goal is to make roads more sustainable and interactive by using light, energy and road signs that automatically adapt to the traffic situation. New design concepts include the ‘Glow-in-the-Dark Road’, ‘Dynamic Paint’, ‘Interactive Light’, ‘Induction Priority Lane’ and ‘Wind Light’.

- Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, found a way to connect and address the climate changes in one master plan – The city’s Climate Adaptation Plan, aiming to prepare Copenhagen for the future by developing the Danish capital as a climate proof, attractive, and green city

- Raspberry Pi is a tiny and highly affordable computer that can be used by people all over the world, developed by omputer scientists from University of Cambridge.

- The Natalie Collection is a birth simulating learning kit that facilitates interactive learning by providing practical hands-on training. Every day, 3,000 newborn babies die from birth asphyxia along with 1,000 birthing mothers and to reduce these numbers, The Natalie Collection offers a trio of needs-based, robust and extremely affordable devices and training solutions designed to save thousands of lives.

- FreshPaper is a simple sheet of paper infused with organic spices with the properties to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer without spoil.

Read more about the winners and the other finalists at Index: Design to improve Life’s website.

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