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Forbes: Denmark World's Best Country for Business 


Denmark ranks on top of Forbes Magazine’s prestigious global league table of “Best Countries for Business”.


Denmark Leads Climate Change Performance Index 


For the third consecutive year, Denmark leads the Climate Change Performance Index. An ambitious energy policy, high energy efficiency and a leading position within policy are some of the key reasons.


Denmark is the Least Corrupt Country in the World 


For the third time in a row Denmark occupies the top spot in Transparency International's study of corruption worldwide. No bribery and an open and well-functioning public sector have placed Denmark in the top of the rankings since the first study in 1995.


Copenhagen Wins Smart City Award  


Copenhagen has been awarded the prestigious World Smart Cities Award in Barcelona for the plans to utilize Big Data in improving the quality of life.


Capital Region of Denmark Makes Strategic Partnerships With Life Sciences Giants 


A recent strategic partnership with MSD is the third of its kind for the Capital Region of Denmark in just two years.


Danes Best at Speaking English as a Second Language 


A new study ranks Danes as the best non-native English speakers in the world. All Danish age cohorts have significantly higher scores than the European and world averages.


New Issue of Focus Denmark Magazine Released 


Read about how Danish dairy giant Arla built its success on an idea of cooperative democracy, and also Danish architect Bjarke Ingels' new sustainable project in Manhattan.


Tech Giant Hitachi opens Big Data Laboratory in Denmark 

With the new Big Data laboratory in Copenhagen, Hitachi will develop new digital healthcare solutions in collaboration with the Danish hospital sector as well as support Denmark’s green transition with systems that lower CO2 emissions. 

World Bank: Denmark best European country for business in 2015 


For the 4th consecutive year Denmark is the easiest country in Europe to do business, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business report.


Denmark Named Top Market for Green Investments


The annual GGEI report scores Denmark as best performing within green investments, and names Copenhagen the “Green City” of the world for the second time.


Danish Biotech Pipeline is Number One in Europe 


Danish biotech and drug companies are still among the best in Europe when it comes to the number of candidate drugs under development.


A New Era of Shipping 

Denmark’s official English-language magazine, Focus Denmark, has published a special report on the maritime sector. 

Copenhagen Named the Healthiest City in the World


Is Copenhagen the healthiest city in the world? Yes it is, according to CNN. Happiness, work-life balance and the prevalence of biking are the key factors in the verdict.


Danish biotech company nominated as most innovative SME in the EU 


The European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio) has announced the top five biotech SMEs in Europe, who will compete to win the award as the ‘Most Innovative EU Biotech SME’. The innovative Danish biotech company, Biosyntia, is among the five contenders.


Japanese robotics company chooses Denmark as test market 


High expertise within robotics and welfare technologies were the key reasons when Japanese high-tech company Fuji Machine chose to set up a new testing facility in Odense, Denmark.


Danish Wind Turbine Sets World Record 


The world’s most productive wind turbine is located in Denmark. Since 2003 a Siemens wind turbine located in Jutland has produced more energy than any other single turbine before it.



Swiss pharma giant Roche looks towards Denmark to realize ground-breaking medicine 

On August 4th, Swiss pharmaceutical group Roche announced that it has agreed to acquire Danish biopharmaceutical company Santaris Pharma to help expand their research and development within RNA-targeting medicines. 

Copenhagen Airport rated Europe's most efficient airport 


Once again Copenhagen Airport has been rated the most efficient airport in Europe, marking the ninth time in eleven years the honor has been bestowed upon Copenhagen Airport.


Denmark Hosts Leading Venture Contest Within Energy 


In the third annual European Venture Contest Energy, held in the Danish city Horsens, more than 100 investors, sector experts and entrepreneurs from all over Europe will meet on the 9th of October to find the best business ideas within the energy sector.


Danish Government Cuts Energy Bill for Businesses 


In a politically broad agreement in the Danish parliament, the major parties have agreed to drastically reduce a set of energy taxes for companies, known as PSO-taxes.


Denmark Moves Up in Ranking of Richest Countries 


Denmark is the country in the world with the highest GDP per capita that does not rely on a significant amount of its wealth from either natural resources or from the finance and gambling sectors.


New Danish Green Investment Fund Will Invest 1 Billion Dollars in Energy Efficiency 


Denmark will establish a nearly $1 billion green fund to attract private capital to reducing energy consumption and fund renewable energy projects.


US Internet of Things Provider Expands Danish Presence


To meet high growth expectations for the Internet of Things segment in Europe, the US-Danish ICT company Greenwave Systems is expanding its Danish presence with a European customer support centre and additional R&D facilities.


New Issue of Focus Denmark - now also as an app


The summer/autumn issue zooms in on wind turbines, film villains and the world's largest ship. The magazine is now also available for tablets.


Copenhagen Tops Monocle's Quality of Life Index


For the second year in a row, Copenhagen has claimed the number-one spot in Monocle’s 2014 Quality of Life Survey. This makes the Danish capital the first three-time winner of the report which ranks the 25 most liveable cities in the world.


The Danish Labour Market  Receives Top Rankings in New Reports


The Danish labour market is highlighted as the world’s best in a new analysis by the International Trade Union Confederation. Likewise, Denmark just received a top ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Europe 2020 Competitiveness Report as the most efficient labour market in Europe.


Danish Life Sciences Cluster Fosters Start-Ups and Business Solutions


This week, the Danish Minister for Trade and Development, Mogens Jensen paid a visit to one of Denmark’s prominent business clusters.


Danish EcoGrid Project Honoured at High Level Forum


The Danish company Østkraft received an honourable mention for its Ecogrid Consumer Engagement project at the annual ISGAN Award during the last Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in South Korea.


Denmark Back in Top 10 in IMD’s Competitiveness Ranking


After a few years below the top ten, Denmark is again among the 10 most competitive countries in the world according to the 2014 IMD ranking published this week.


The Danish Energy Agency:  An Energy System without Fossil Fuels is Technically Possible


The Danish Energy Agency has published an energy-scenario report and five sub-analyses on the energy system of the future and the challenges in the process of phasing out fossil fuels before 2050.


Danish Government Presents New Growth Plan


Through 89 initiatives within four key areas, the Danish Government aims to stimulate business growth and increase international competitiveness.


New Maritime Centre at the Danish Technical University


With a new Maritime Centre, DTU will drive research for new interdisciplinary solutions to the challenges facing the maritime industry.


Chinese Company Invests in Biogas R&D Project in Denmark to Reduce Pollution in China


In collaboration with Danish partners, the Chinese company CECEP will launch a biogas project to develop solutions that can reduce pollution from restaurant waste in Chinese cities.


New Danish Strategy for Energy Renovation of Buildings


The Danish government presents 21 specific initiatives, which are expected to reduce energy consumption for heating in existing buildings by 35%.


Remarkable Rise in Danish Export of Green Energy Technology


New numbers document impressive growth in export of Danish energy technology.


Danish Offshore Sector Joins Forces to Increase Competitiveness


New initiative facilitates innovation and the development of new commercial and technical solutions for companies in the Danish offshore wind sector.


Video Introduction: Danish Framework Conditions Explained by Experts


Denmark is consistently ranked as the easiest place to do business by the World Bank, but what characterises the Danish business climate and how is it to establish and run a business in Denmark for a foreign investor? Watch four experts explain about doing business, corporate taxation, flexicurity and working in Denmark.


Danish Employees are the Happiest in the EU


According to new research by Eurobarometer, Denmark has the EU's happiest workforce.


Denmark Obtains Top Position and AAA Score in Energy Sustainability Ranking


Denmark ranks second globally and achieves an AAA rating for its ability to balance the ‘energy trilemma’ in the latest Energy Sustainability Index published by the World Energy Council (WEC).


Danish Government to Improve Conditions for International Employees


A new reform proposal aims to make it easier for businesses located in Denmark to access the international talent pool and make it more attractive for international talent to work in Denmark.


Denmark Gets Unique Test Lab for Green Solutions

The Green Power Electronics Test Lab breaks new ground in the testing of energy efficient solutions and products. Behind the initiative – which opens in 2016 – is Lean Energy Cluster in collaboration with multiple stakeholders from the public and private sphere. 

US Advertising Agency Opens First European Office in Copenhagen


The New York based advertisement agency PI&C; People Ideas & Culture sees great creativity and talent in Denmark combined with a good location to cover Europe.


New Global Agreement Will Boost Green Shipping


From 2016, a global agreement makes it possible to introduce regional zones where ships can only sail through if they have minimal emissions of nitrogen oxides, the so-called NOx. More specifically, the emissions need to be 75 per cent lower than the currently applicable standards in global shipping.


Report on Opportunities in the Danish Life Science Sector


Major public and private players in the Danish life science industry once again collaborated to give foreign researchers and companies quick and reliable information.


Ports in Denmark to Invest Billions in Expanding Infrastructure and Facilities


Danish ports are expected to invest DKK 6.2 billion (approx. $1.14 Billion) in expansions that will secure the future of the ports not least within the container industry, the wind turbine sector, and maritime services in general.


Danish Vestas Wind Systems and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Form Offshore Wind Joint Venture in Denmark


A joint venture dedicated to offshore wind power between Danish wind turbine producer, Vestas, and Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is now reality. The new company, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, has 380 employees and is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark.


Danish Capital Recognized for Climate Leadership


The City of Copenhagen receives special mention in international climate competition for being a leading city on climate issues.


Hitachi to Establish Big Data Research Laboratory in Denmark


Japanese ICT giant wants to leverage Danish strongholds to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable society.


Copenhagen is 20% Less Expensive for Businesses Compared to Stockholm


According to a recent analysis by Copenhagen Capacity, the Danish Capital Region is more attractive to investors than the Stockholm area, Amsterdam, Zurich and the South-East of England, including London


New Network Service Provider Targets Chinese Travellers in Denmark


A Chinese start-up company has chosen Denmark as business hub for an Internet access service providing free wifi for travellers during their stay in Scandinavia.


Invest in Denmark Attracts Record High Number of Greenfield Investments


The evaluation of Invest in Denmark’s 2013 results shows a record high number of investors choosing to establish a new company in Denmark.


Copenhagen Airport  Wants to Double Capacity


Copenhagen Airport (CPH) has presented its plan for expansion, aimed at handling up to 40 million passengers annually or almost twice the current number.


European Commission: Denmark is an Innovation Leader


Denmark is one of Europe’s most innovative countries according to the European Commission’s Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2014.


AAA Rating for Danish Economy


The international agency Fitch Ratings once again assesses a stable outlook for Danish economy with a prime triple-A rating.


Denmark Most Attractive Destination for Green Investments


The latest Energy Investment Map published by PA Consulting Group shows that Denmark is now the most attractive country for investments in sustainable energy.


Danish Danfoss and German SMA Create One of the World’s Largest Converter Alliances


Danfoss and SMA Solar Technology plan to enter into a close strategic partnership for a step change in competitiveness. The two leading system technology specialists will take full advantage of economies of scale and joint development initiatives.


One of the World’s Largest Feed Machinery Companies Places European R&D HQ in Denmark


The Chinese manufacturer Muyang is to establish R&D Headquarters in Southern Denmark in order to tap into the Danish competencies within biomass and agriculture.


Media Vision Chooses Denmark for Market Access and Talent


San Francisco based Media Vision, a fast-growing provider of professional conferencing solutions, establishes a Scandinavian sales and marketing office in Copenhagen.


Danish Dairy Giant Boosts Eco-Friendly Production


With an ambition to double its exports of European dairy products to growth markets outside the EU by 2017 and making production more climate friendly, Arla has announced a new investment plan for the coming year. Recently approved by the board of directors, the plan contains investments of up to 2.2 billion DKK.


Denmark Tests New Health IT Systems with US Companies


Denmark is modernizing its healthcare system with new public-private partnerships. The goal is to increase efficiency in the healthcare sector and better meet patients’ needs.


Turning Excess Wind Power into Green Gas


Hydrogen produced from excess wind power converts biogas from wastewater slurry into green natural gas. New Danish energy venture for approx. EUR 13.4 million shows how to integrate the energy system of the future.


Danish Companies are Europe’s Most Innovative


New study made by Gallup Europe ranks Denmark as the most innovative country in Europe. The study measures the ability of European companies to come up with new products, work processes and ways to market themselves.


Broad Danish Agreement on Climate Bill and Ambitious Climate Goals


Denmark will for the first time have a national climate policy established by law. On Friday, the Danish Government signed an agreement with the Conservative People’s Party, Socialist People's Party and the Red-Green Alliance on the contents of a climate bill to be presented to Parliament.


New Report Explains the High Level of Happiness in Denmark

Denmark is often named the world’s happiest country, most recently in 2013 in the "World Happiness Report", commissioned by the UN. But what are the reasons for the high levels of happiness in Denmark? For the first time, the reasons are explained in a comprehensive report, published by The Happiness Research Institute, a Copenhagen based think tank. 

Energy Saving Software for Drinking Water Supply Developed by Danish Water Project


A large Danish development project has invented a new system to ensure the quality of drinking water and gain energy savings in the water supply.


Chinese Fashion Conglomerate Shangtex Partners with Danish Design Company


Shangtex Holding Co., Ltd, a Chinese textile and fashion conglomerate has partnered with the Danish fashion company Metropol by acquiring a 50% stake of Metropol.


World’s Most Powerful Wind Turbine in Operation at Danish Test Center


The first Vestas V164-8.0 MW prototype wind turbine has successfully produced its first kWh of electricity, making it the worlds’ most powerful turbine in operation.


New Passenger Record at Copenhagen Airport


Copenhagen Airport reached a record of 24.1 million passengers in 2013, the third consecutive year of passenger records.


Copenhagen Kicks Off a Year as Green Capital of Europe


Copenhagen will switch on three new wind turbines, light 30,000 candles and host a party for winter bathers to celebrate being named this year's European Green Capital. The celebrations will kick off the green year under the slogan 'Sharing Copenhagen'.


10 Reasons Why You Should Locate Your Business in Denmark


The Danish daily business newspaper Børsen asked Danish companies what they perceive as Danish Strongholds. The results of this identify 10 areas, which according to the surveyed companies are where employees and companies in Denmark surpass their international competitors.


Danish Wind Energy Production Sets World Record


Denmark is the first country ever to generate more than 50% of its electricity from wind power over a whole month.


New European School Copenhagen Now Open for Applications


Denmark’s new international state school opens in August and is now accepting applications for school admission.


New Danish Climate Investment Agreement Worth Billions


Yesterday, three Danish pension funds, the investment fund Dansk Vækstkapital and IFU, Investment Fund for Developing Countries, entered into an agreement to invest DKK1.2bn (approx. 220 million USD) in the Danish Climate Investment Fund, which is expected to contribute to investments worth DKK 8-9bn in developing countries and emerging markets. The fund must ensure a competitive return for the investors.


Denmark Assists China with Integration of Renewables


An increasing share of wind power in China adds to the challenge of integrating renewables into the Chinese electricity grid. Danish experiences are transferred through China National Renewable Energy Centre.


Analysis Shows Great Potential in Offshore Wind


According to a new report developed for two Danish shipowners' associations, the number of offshore wind farms will multiply in the years to come with an annual growth of up to 15 percent ahead of 2022.


The World’s Most Global Wind Turbine Manufacturers are Danish


A new analysis by the Danish Wind Industry Association shows that Vestas and Siemens Wind Power are the world’s most global wind turbine manufacturers. Danish suppliers and subcontractors also follow suit.






























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