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According to a new report developed for two Danish shipowners' associations, the number of offshore wind farms will multiply in the years to come with an annual growth of up to 15 percent ahead of 2022.

Horns Rev

The North Sea will serve as location for a large percentage of the new offshore wind farms, which creates a huge growth potential for the Danish players in offshore wind.

A new report developed by BMT/Naviant for the Danish Shipowners' Association and the Shipowners' Association of 2010 maps the global extent and potential of offshore wind farms, showing that the market will experience an annual growth of 13.1 to 15.4 percent ahead of 2022, while the global energy production from offshore wind farms will grow from 5.1 giga watts (GW) in 2012 to around 80 GW by 2022.

A large share of this energy output will come from wind farms in the North Sea, thus creating an opportunity for more work to the Danish companies in terms of installation, servicing and dismantling. At the same time it will result in an increased need for transport, catering, and housing for the offshore employees.

New Danish offshore unit

The potential in offshore wind has made the Danish Shipowners' Association establish an offshore department.

"We have an increasing focus on offshore within Danish shipping, and we're now directing more resources at the sector by establishing an independent offshore department dedicated to creating the best possible opportunities for members of the Danish Shipowners' Association and the Shipowners' Association of 2010 working within this segment. Furthermore, we continuously focus on offshore by hosting focus meetings in key locations, where we gather stake-holders, most recently in the 'offshore capital' of Esbjerg," says Jan Fritz Hansen, Vice President of the Danish Shipowners' Association, in a press release.

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