Chinese Company Invests in Biogas R&D Project  

in Denmark to Reduce Pollution in China


In collaboration with Danish partners, the Chinese company CECEP will launch a biogas project to develop solutions that can reduce pollution from restaurant waste in Chinese cities.

Waste recycling

The Chinese company CECEP City Lighting Management has bought an estate in the Danish city of Nyborg and plans to establish a research centre for biogas production in Denmark.

Together with a group of local companies and the municipal government of Nyborg, the President of CECEP City Lighting Management, Mr. Wang Yongming, hopes to receive funding for a development project aiming to refine and further develop methods for producing biogas from restaurant waste.

The aim is to demonstrate a full-scale sustainable energy and nutrient recovery solution for urban waste management. The project novelty lies in creating an integrated biogas concept to handle unsorted urban waste; not only is the waste pre-treated and anaerobically digested in a plant with simple, reliable technologies; it is also transformed into high quality fertilizers.

Moreover CECEP, together with the Danish biogas company Bigadan, specialised in engineering and construction services, and support from Danish state investment funds, is currently planning to establish a large biogas plant in China.

The investment is the result of close collaboration between Nyborg Municipality, the Royal Danish Embassy in China and Invest in Denmark. During the process, Mr. Wang has visited Nyborg several times has met Head of Invest in Denmark in China, Mr. Rasmus Bjørnø, to discuss the project in Denmark.

Significant interest in Danish biogas knowhow

In February, the Danish Minister for Trade and Development, Mr. Mogens Jensen, paid a visit to China, and met with Mr. Wang Yongming and a group of other Chinese bioenergy companies to discuss opportunities within bioenergy in Denmark.

The meeting showed considerable interest from the participating Chinese companies to collaborate with Danish companies and research institutions on bioenergy projects.
Danish companies and research institutions are at the forefront in agricultural based biogas and biomass technologies for combustion, gasification and bio-gasification.

The biogas ecosystem in Denmark counts suppliers, consultants and a strong research and development (R&D) environment. Denmark has 20 joint biogas plants, 60 farm plants and 60 municipal plants in operation.


CECEP City Lighting Management is part of the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group (CECEP), which was established by the Chinese Government in 1988. CECEP is the most powerful investment holding group in the fields of energy conservation and environmental protection in China.

CECEP’s remit includes technologies for environmental conservation and improvement. The company works within three main sectors: clean energy and technology, environmental protection and treatment, and energy-efficient construction. It has so far completed more than 3,000 such projects.

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