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Wants to Double Capacity


Copenhagen Airport (CPH) has presented its plan for expansion, aimed at handling up to 40 million passengers annually or almost twice the current number.

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The plan looks 25 years into the future and a prerequisite for realizing the “Expanding CPH” strategy is that companies, organisations, municipalities and the region are able to attract future business investment and tourists in greater numbers.

The expansion would include enlarging Pier B and Pier C and constructing a new Pier E, joining terminals together, providing more space for very large aircrafts by expanding the runway system as well as more opportunities for relevant companies to locate at and near the airport.

It also includes construction of a station for high-speed trains to bring travellers from both Oslo and Hamburg, and more space for ‘extraordinary experiences’ for passengers, by expanding the shopping area to create open zones in a casual Danish atmosphere.

Unlike many of its competitors on the European continent, Copenhagen Airport is not planning on building a new, separate terminal. Instead the plan is to increase the capacity of the existing terminal complex as part of a phased process.

Today, CPH Airport has a workforce of 23,000, but handling 40 million passengers a year could generate 16,000 new jobs and a further 8,000 outside the airport.

Copenhagen Airport, located only 8 km from the Copenhagen city centre, is already the main hub to the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Read more at CPH Airport’s website.

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