Copenhagen is 20% Less Expensive  

for Businesses Compared to Stockholm


According to a recent analysis by Copenhagen Capacity, the Danish Capital Region is more attractive to investors than the Stockholm area, Amsterdam, Zurich and the South-East of England, including London

Map of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark is often criticised for being too expensive and thus not competitive for businesses. However, international comparisons seem to indicate the opposite.

-“The Capital Region of Denmark is more robust and far more attractive than many foreign businesses might imagine. Costs are low, the business environment is robust and the workforce is well-educated,” says Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, chairman of the Capital Region of Denmark.

The analysis is based on figures from the ‘European Cities and Regions of the Future’ report by Financial Times-owned fDi Intelligence. This report highlighting Copenhagen comes only two months after the Forbes ranked Denmark the fourth best country in the world for doing business. Based on the report, Copenhagen Capacity estimates that the Capital Region of Denmark is up to 20 per cent less expensive for businesses than Stockholm and in the report it reads:

-“Copenhagen region retained its third place ranking, performing strongly in the Economic Potential category, rank­ing second of all small European regions. The region also ranked second of all small regions in the Business Friendliness category, presenting a low risk to investors, with low levels of corruption and a straightforward approach to doing business. The region also has a strong FDI Strategy, ranking first of all small regions.”



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