Danish Wind Turbine Sets World Record  


The world’s most productive wind turbine is located in Denmark. Since 2003 a Siemens wind turbine located in Jutland has produced more energy than any other single turbine before it.


wind turbine close up

The west coast of Jutland in Denmark is not only home to beautiful sights, but also frequent winds that power multiple wind turbines. One of these, located at Harboøre in Denmark, has thus far managed to produce 100 million kilowatt hours during its 11 years in operation. 100 million kilowatt hours correspond roughly to the total annual energy consumption of a mid-sized Danish city of 45,000 inhabitants.

“We are proud of this record, which underlines the potential of wind power. When the turbine has been bought and paid for, it stands year after year producing green energy. It also demonstrates that we can produce wind turbines with substantial operational reliability. In Denmark, we have found a niche within green energy and built up a considerable amount of expertise and know how” says Head of Press at Siemens Rasmus Windfeld.

Wind the cheapest energy source in Denmark

Besides breaking records and boasting significant operational reliability, the Danish wind sector also produces the cheapest source of energy in Denmark. The Danish Energy Agency has conducted a cost analysis of establishing new electricity generation facilities in Denmark and the conclusion is clear: onshore wind exceeds all other technologies. The analysis shows that costs for electricity production from onshore wind is about EUR 4 cents per kilowatt hour, whereas offshore wind and new centralized power plants running on coal and natural gas cost around EUR 8 cents per kilowatt hour.

The Danish Wind Industry
Denmark was the first country to install wind turbines more than 30 years ago and has been first mover in the wind industry for decades. On- and offshore wind turbines provide more than 33% of Denmark’s electricity consumption today, which is the highest level of wind power integration in the world. By 2020, wind power will account for more than 50% of the electricity supply, according to recent government targets.

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