Denmark Named Top Market  

for Green Investments


The annual GGEI report scores Denmark as best performing within green investments, and names Copenhagen the “Green City” of the world for the second time.

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The 2014 GGEI report is the fourth edition of the index which ranks 60 countries and 70 cities on both ‘perception’ and ‘performance’ in the global green economy. Denmark continues to maintain a leading position on the GGEI, both in terms of perception and performance. Denmark generally ranks higher in perception compared to other Nordic nations, particularly as a vital market for cleantech investment and innovation.

Denmark top market for green investments

The 'Markets & Investment' dimension of the GGEI calculates national performance in the areas of renewable energy attractiveness, cleantech innovation and commercialization, and green investment facilitation by the government and affiliated bodies. It also calculates perceptions of these four main sub-categories. When it comes to performance, Denmark tops the list as the best performing market within green investments. On the perception side GGEI survey respondents continue to rank Germany, the United States and China, along with Denmark as the top markets for cleantech companies and products, placing Denmark fourth on the “perception” index.

“The GGEI report confirms that Denmark is quite simply the best investment destination in the world when it comes to cleantech.  The Danish market offers a cleantech cluster in a league of its own, as well as an environmentally minded population and a dynamic labour market” says Dorte Bech Vizard, Director of Invest in Denmark.  

Copenhagen awarded top spot as world’s premier green city

For the second time Copenhagen has been awarded the top spot as green city in GGEI ranked by a survey of global experts, reinforcing the continued strength of the green brand of the Danish capital. Copenhagen tops the green city perception measure ahead of Amsterdam, Stockholm and Vancouver, with decisive results on all four GGEI dimensions of 'Leadership & Climate Change', 'Efficiency Sectors', 'Markets & Investment' and 'Environment & Natural Capital'. Like in 2012, Copenhagen is the highest ranked city both on its performance on greener growth pathways as well as its global reputation as a green and environment focused city.

About GGEI

First published in 2010, the GGEI is an annual in-depth look at how 60 countries perform in the global green economy, as well as how expert practitioners rank this performance. GGEI is signaling to policy makers, international organizations, the private sector and citizens which countries are successfully orienting their economies toward greener growth pathways and which ones are not. Read more about the 2014 report here.


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