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Denmark is an Innovation Leader


Denmark is one of Europe’s most innovative countries according to the European Commission’s Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2014.

Denmark is part of the best performing group of Innovation Leaders defined as top-innovators that perform best in all dimensions of the evaluation.

When it comes to open, excellent and effective research systems, Denmark takes the first position. This means that the innovation system more than anywhere else in the EU is open for cooperation with partners from abroad, that researchers are well networked at international level and that the quality of research output is very high.

Denmark is further highlighted for good finance and support systems. The public sector is well endowed to perform R&D activities, and risk capital for private firms to develop new technologies is amply available.

Location Denmark Team Leader Nicholas Enersen from Invest in Denmark says:

- "This new study confirms that Denmark is the right place to be for companies who strive to develop cutting-edge products or solutions. The combination of a well-educated, creative workforce and a unique tradition for public-private collaboration has already created great results for many of the investors we have helped establish in Denmark."

Innovation is highly prioritized by the Danish government and last year, Denmark inaugurated 3 new Innovation Centres, now running a total of six innovation centres in Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Munich, New Delhi, Seoul and São Paulo.

Download the report or read more about the Danish Innovation Centres.

Innovation Scoreboard 2014

About the Innovation Scoreboard

The Regional Innovation Scoreboard 2014 (RIS) provides a comparative assessment of innovation performance and the relative strengths and weaknesses of their research and innovation systems across regions of the European Union, Croatia, Norway and Switzerland.

The most innovative countries perform best on all dimensions: from research and innovation inputs, through business innovation activities up to innovation outputs and economic effects, which reflects a balanced national research and innovation system.

The Innovation Union Scoreboard (IUS) 2014 uses the most recent available data from Eurostat and other internationally recognised sources.



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