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First European Office in Copenhagen


The New York based advertisement agency PI&C; People Ideas & Culture sees great creativity and talent in Denmark combined with a good location to cover Europe.


At this stage, the Copenhagen office is an international team of 5, but the ambition is to quadruple staff within the near future.

"We are looking for new ways in Europe and have chosen Copenhagen as our concept lab and as the base for European clients,” says Domenico Vitale, CEO and Founder of PI&C; the Danish subsidiary is named Y by PI&C.

Progressive design hub with unmatched talent

To the question ’Why Copenhagen’, Domenico answers: “People Ideas & Culture chose to enter Denmark because we found it to be one of the most modern and progressive hubs in Europe. Of course places like London, Milan, Amsterdam and Stockholm were in play; however Copenhagen became our preferred choice due to a range of factors, the most important being access to talent in digital media and design with unique skills in especially digital advertising unmatched elsewhere. And of course Denmark’s great creative history in the world of industrial design.”

Denmark is a genuine design society and one of the first countries to adopt a design policy focusing on Denmark as a creative hub. The creative sector is increasingly seen as a vital part of the Danish competitiveness which makes it the perfect hub for companies seeking to add value to their products or services by tapping into a world class talent pool of designers and a society defined by design.

Easy access to European markets

Opening the first European office obviously makes location important. The new subsidiary Y by PI&C is going to focus on existing and new clients around Europe with Denmark as the creative base. Copenhagen presented the perfect match of a location featuring both an inspiring environment, creative talent and headquarters potential. Copenhagen Airport is the Scandinavian hub and gives access to most of Europe within 3 hours.

“Having many European and international clients, the infrastructure was of importance to us, and with CPH airport close by, we can easily reach our clients in a couple of hours,” explains Domenico Vitale, who currently shares his time between New York and Copenhagen.

About PI&C

Former Chief Strategy Officer of Lowe Worldwide, Mr. Domenico Vitale, started People Ideas & Culture in New York back 2008. In only 5 years, the office has grown to 40 employees serving large international companies in different verticals. PI&C is a solutions company that operates free from the limitations of specific disciplines, individual media channels and debilitating overheads.

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