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To meet high growth expectations for the Internet of Things segment in Europe, the US-Danish ICT company Greenwave Systems is expanding its Danish presence with a European customer support centre and additional R&D facilities.

The Danish talent pool and central location were decisive in the choice of expanding the Danish location to be the centre for accelerating European market expansion:

-“Denmark is a world leader within ICT with an amazing talent pool and a favourable business climate,” says Peter Wilmar Christensen, founder of Greenwave Systems. “To expand our international presence, it was important for us to find a location that would do the best job of serving our clients expediently. Denmark has delivered on all counts, and Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark have been excellent resources for helping us connect with local talent and benchmarking business framework conditions.”

Smart solutions for smart cities

Greenwave Systems is a leading Internet of Things software and services company with a solution that allows its partners to leverage the broad capabilities of Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communications which are gaining increased impact in all parts of society.

The Internet of Things refers to the concept of internet connectivity being extended beyond traditional devices like computers, smartphones and tablets to a diverse range of everyday things that utilize embedded technology to communicate and interact via the Internet. A tangible example is the private household where the lights are remote controlled via the mobile phone, while thermostats adjust heating based on weather forecast and dirt sensors activate a hoover robot. But the range of smart solutions can be far more complex and are expected to increase dramatically in the years to come.

Greenwave Systems focus is to drive the mass adoption of Internet of Things by making it intuitive and user-friendly to manage and control services and functions of the smart home and more.

Denmark holds a leading position within smart grid and smart city solutions which makes the market perfect for Greenwave Systems both in terms of R&D, testing and sales.

Project Manager Maria Hilligsøe Stubberup from Invest in Denmark explains:

-“Denmark has a strong tradition of excelling in IT and telecommunication. On top of that, we have the world’s most ambitious renewable energy strategy that paves the way for public and private investments in the electricity-, gas- and district heating grids as well as in IT systems and connectivity of devices to interact with these grids, giving way for new and smart solutions to everyday life issues. I am looking forward to follow how Greenwave’s expansion here in Denmark will contribute to this development.”

Currently, Greenwave Systems employs 45 people in Denmark but within the next year, the team is expected to grow with additional specialists.

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