Big Data Platform by Hitachi to Increase Sustainability in Copenhagen  


Hitachi will build first-of-its-kind Big Data platform integrating data for Copenhagen with the aim of increasing sustainability.

Lights in Copenhagen by Kontraframe


Following the establishment of Hitachi’s mainland European Big Data laboratory in Copenhagen last year, Hitachi has been chosen to develop a Big Data platform for Copenhagen, which aims to be the first step in harnessing the far-reaching opportunities of Big Data for the city.

The Copenhagen Big Data project is anticipated to deliver the first platform on which data collection, integration and sharing is centralized for an entire city. Hitachi Consulting will work together with the City of Copenhagen and a large consortium of alliance partners to develop the platform. Copenhagen is already considered a leader in smart city programs, winning a World Smart Cities award in 2014.

An Innovative Approach

Up until now, data from individual smart city initiatives in Copenhagen and worldwide, such as intelligent lighting and traffic management, have not been completely integrated.
The new integrated platform is expected to establish a city data marketplace for the sale and purchase of data between businesses and is one of the first times public data and private data volunteered by businesses and citizens will be combined.

The platform is anticipated to enable advanced analytics to support city functions like green infrastructure planning, traffic management and energy usage by integrating data from multiple sources including demographics, crime statistics, any sensor-based source – energy consumption meters, air quality sensors and traffic sensors to name but a few – and information submitted by citizens and businesses. As such, the platform is expected to help the city reach its ambitious climate target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

Big Data Infrastructure in 2015

Building is scheduled to commence in April 2015, and the platform is expected to be complete by the end of the year. The project is funded by the Copenhagen municipality, the Capital Region and Realdania and was conceptualized with the City of Copenhagen and CLEAN, the Danish cleantech cluster organisation.

“Hitachi Consulting is proud to be embarking on this journey with such an innovative and forward looking city. We believe that the combination of public and private data in a city-wide Big Data digital infrastructure will transform urban planning and provide benefits to businesses, improve the safety, wellbeing and comfort of citizens, and enhance the efficiency of the City of Copenhagen”, says Hans Lindeman, Hitachi Consulting, Senior Vice President of Social Innovation Business.


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