Chief Physician Wins Prize at Danish Music Awards 2015  


Innovative public-private partnerships are at the forefront in Northern Denmark. Latest, a Danish Music Award was granted to an innovative Chief Physician from Aalborg University Hospital, which is also home to a new customized trauma room benefiting patients’ wellbeing and recovery. Both research projects are made possible due to strong public-private partnerships.

Chief Physician wins price at Danish Music Award 2015 - Photo courtesy of Danish Music Awards 

Research project granted “Idea of the Year” award

Not only musicians were awarded at this year’s Danish Music Awards. The prestigious “Idea of the Year” award was granted to the Chief Physician Per Thorgaard from Aalborg University Hospital for his research project on the use of soothing music in ambulances.

The idea came after an increasing number of patients suffering from cardio-vascular conditions claimed their hearts were not helped by their journey to hospital, with clear links being drawn between transportation and increased stress levels.

Hence, the attempt to mask some of the more traumatic transport noises has been studied by Per Thorgaard from Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark together with Associate Professor Philip Anderson at BIDMC, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

The studies were performed in close cooperation with the international ambulance dispatch company Falck, and the research project furthermore paved the way for the North Denmark Region, as the first region in Denmark, to sign a five-year agreement with Falck and hence put the research into practice. So far 20 ambulances have been equipped with the music and 27 more are in the pipeline.

Strong public-private partnerships are essential

Strong competence clusters in ICT and life sciences and a tradition for strong public-private collaboration have given Denmark a leading position within eHealth and welfare technologies. The cooperation between Aalborg University Hospital and Falck is just one of many succesful partnerships.
Another fruitful endeavour is Alborg University Hospital’s current research project and partnership with Philips Healthcare, where they together have developed a full scale prototype of a new hospital room at the emergency room. This project incorporates service design by minimizing the ward’s clinical appearance with effects like lighting, sound, images and furniture in order to alleviate anxiety and reduce the use of sedative medicaments.

-“Philips is delighted to be partnering with Danish regions to help realize their aim of developing innovative solutions for the Danish healthcare system. Collaboration is an important step for Philips and we see Denmark as a key partner country in relation to developing leading-edge innovative solutions for future healthcare systems,” says Karen Lykke Sørensen, Nordic CEO of Philips Healthcare.

The prototype is now in use to establish proof of concept.

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