Chinese Investor Sets up  

Food Trading Company in Denmark


Attracted by the strong Danish food sector, Chinese investor Wang Laicheng establishes an international trade company in Denmark to export Danish meat products to China.

Happy Danish pigs

Mr Wang Laicheng is a private investor with experience from the international food and automobile trading business. Assisted by Invest in Denmark, he has registered the food trading company Bao Xin Trade Aps in Denmark to leverage the strong Danish food industry on the Chinese market:

- “We are very grateful for the support from Invest in Denmark and the referred local service providers, who created a very friendly and efficient business environment for us to set up operation. The Chinese market highly values Danish meat products and therefore Bao Xin Trading's main business is to source Danish meat products to China,” says Wang Lai Cheng, CEO of Bao Xin Trading.

Danish foods are renowned for their high quality and safety which makes Danish produce highly attractive on the Chinese market. Bao Xin Trade is namely focused on the export of pork and the objective is to set up a contact office close to the major suppliers to source large volumes of high quality products to consumers in China and Hong Kong.   

‘Made in Denmark’ is a quality seal

Around the world, food products and technology ‘Made in Denmark’ are synonymous with high quality, safety and excellent hygiene. Denmark is named an “agricultural superpower” by The Economist, and is one of the leading food industry hubs in Europe when it comes to ingredients, products and knowledge. Danish agricultural production is exported to more than 100 countries worldwide and Danish companies and consumers are true pioneers when it comes to organic and natural food. Read more about the Danish Food cluster here on the website.

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