Cisco Partners with Copenhagen to Develop Smart City Solutions  


The global IT company Cisco has partnered with cities across North America and Europe, including Copenhagen, to develop the digital infrastructure of tomorrow.

 Copenhagen - a hub for testing smart city solutions

Cisco has named these activities the Internet of Everything (IoE) and globally, Cisco estimates that IoE in the public and private sector will generate a value of more than $15 billion over the next 10 years.

The intention behind the partnership with Copenhagen is to share knowledge and in collaboration with municipalities, companies and research institutions, develop new products and solutions for traffic, parking, outdoor lighting, climate protection, energy supply and communicating with citizens.

The new high-tech solutions are also a means for Copenhagen to reach its ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first carbon neutral capital city by 2025, at which time the city expects to have 20% more inhabitants than today.

- “New technology will play an important role in solving the challenges faced by Copenhagen in the coming years – not least in relation to population growth, traffic, environment and climate. We must use the new digital, smart solutions to create a better and more sustainable city,” says Copenhagen’s Mayor for Technical and Environmental Affairs, Morten Kabell.

A laboratory for testing smart city solutions

Hence, over the next few years, the area surrounding Copenhagen City Hall will serve as a laboratory for testing innovative smart city solutions. This will involve sensors on lampposts, rubbish bins and sewer grates. The sensors and network technologies will collect real-time data and the huge volume of information is conveyed to a smart city grid and used for a variety of purposes such as regulating traffic and energy consumption, and improving the city’s environment, safety and emergency response.

Cisco’s partnership with Copenhagen includes the City of Copenhagen and the nearby municipalities of Frederikssund and Albertslund. Besides from the benefits listed above, the intelligent new city prospect is expected to boost the quality of life for the citizens in the three cities, while also creating growth and jobs.

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