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It has now become easier for international Life Sciences companies to place clinical trials in Denmark and gain access to Danish clinicians due to a website just launched by the five Danish regions.

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Denmark is working actively to attract more clinical trials. Under the headline “Clinical Trials Office Denmark”, the five Danish regions have created a website for those seeking a less complicated and more direct path to conduct clinical trials in Denmark. Instead of approaching each individual hospital, Life Sciences companies can now use the services offered at the website:

Hence, the new website offers quick gateways to:

  • Obtaining a comprehensive overview of relevant partners to clinical trials in Denmark, including contact information, within just 4 working days. 
  • Gaining access to national negotiation of contracts. 
  • Addressing challenges linked to the conditions for clinical trials in Denmark. 
  • Getting an estimated number of patients for a specific disease.

- "Being responsible for providing healthcare and hospital operations, the Danish regions have an interest in more clinical trials performed in Denmark. More trials taking place at our hospitals will help provide access to better treatment for our patients. Furthermore, our hospitals have a unique clinical infrastructure to offer. Attracting more clinical trials to Denmark is therefore a target pursued by all regions", says Mr. Adam Wolf, CEO at the Association of Danish Regions, representing the regions in Denmark.

Clinical Trials Office Denmark, who is responsible for the website, is a formal national collaboration between the five Danish regions. The unit was established in 2012 with the prime task to help corporations prepare and plan clinical trials, recruit trial subjects and finalize agreements. Companies which use the services offered by Clinical Trials Office Denmark, automatically gain access to legal, medical and research expertise.

- "Clinical Trials Office Denmark is reaching out to companies from all over the world, and we are working in close collaboration with both the Life Sciences industry and the country representatives who are helping foreign companies set up clinical trials in Denmark. The services we offer help them gather valuable and time saving information. That’s where we create value," says Consultant Doctor and Coordinator at Clinical Trials Office Denmark, Mrs. Helene Nørrelund.

Denmark - a good location for clinical research

The unique Danish life science environment makes it optimal for companies to conduct clinical research. Important parameters such as time, complexity and economy all work in favour of Life Sciences companies. Moreover, since the patient retention is very high, the costs per evaluable data point come out quite favourably.

Furthermore, Denmark has a well-functioning public national health insurance system and hospital services of very high standards, which contributes to Denmark’s leading position within clinical research. Moreover, unique data systems make it possible to easily cross-reference data from various databases across different areas.


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