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A new comparison tool enables you to compare the green performance and perception of 59 countries and 69 cities to Denmark and Copenhagen.

Green economy and green growth must be emphasized in the international discourse on climate change.

In this context, State of Green has released the Green Transition Index, a visual communication tool to empower commercial and political decision makers, as well as international media, with a reference point for both national performance in the green economy and how experts rank it.

The tool is a source for knowledge and inspiration, meant to inspire conversation around green growth.

What can you compare?

The Transition Index enables you to compare the green growth performance of 59 countries and 69 cities to Denmark and Copenhagen.

Based on your choice of green performance categories (18 indicators underlying 4 dimensions) you can compare the ‘technical performance’ and ‘perception’ of your country - or the ‘perception’ of your city - and see an aggregated ranking based on your choices.

For instance, see how your country’s technical performance compares to Denmark in areas such as Clean Air, Buildings and Transport. Or learn how your city compares to Copenhagen in terms of Leadership & Climate Change.

Dimensions and indicators

  • Leadership & Climate Change (Head of State, Media Coverage, International Forums, Climate Change Performance)
  • Efficiency Sectors (Buildings, Transport, Energy, Tourism)
  • Markets & Investment (Renewable Energy Investment, Cleantech Innovation, Cleantech Commercialisation, Green Investment Facilitation)
  • Environment & Natural Capital (Agriculture, Air Quality, Water, Biodiversity & Habitat, Fisheries, Forests)

The Green Transition Index is based on data from the 4th edition of the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI). Try out the Green Transition Index Tool here.

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