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Danish Business World is the Least Corrupt


The Danish business world is the least corrupt in EMEA according to Ernst & Young Fraud Survey 2015.

With only four percent of the Danish respondents stating that bribery or corrupt practices happen widely in business in the country, Denmark takes the top spot as the least corrupt country according to Ernst & Young’s Fraud Survey 2015.

The study covers Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa and is based on answers from 3,800 respondents across 38 countries. The results show a clear correlation between companies that have experienced revenue growth and those that are seen by respondents as being “ethical” and the study concludes that ”far from being a barrier to growth, effective compliance is a requirement for sustained success.”

Read more in the Ernst & Young Fraud Survey 2015.

Least corrupt public sector with positive impact on business climate

Also when focusing on the public sector, Denmark stands out as a model country with virtually no bribery and corruption.

Denmark occupies the top spot in Transparency International's annual study of corruption worldwide which focuses on the perception of corruption in the public sector. The latest released edition from 2014 covers 175 countries and ranks Denmark no.1 for the third consecutive year. No bribery and an open and well-functioning public sector have placed Denmark in the top of the rankings since the first study in 1995.

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