Danish Government Makes it Easier for US Citizens to Exchange their Driver’s License  


Americans in Denmark will soon be able to exchange a US driver’s license for a Danish license without taking a new test.

Driving in Denmark

The U.S. ambassador to Denmark, Rufus Gifford, welcomes the solution from which many American citizens will benefit:

“We at the US Embassy in Copenhagen are thrilled that US citizens, who have decided to call Denmark their home, will now be able to exchange their American driver’s license for a Danish one,” Rufus Gifford, said in a press release. 

The United States and several other countries, such as Canada and Australia, belong to the so-called Group 2 countries. In these countries, drivers’ training is not quite comparable with Danish drivers’ training, although the general level of road safety is considered to be equal to the Danish level. It has been a goal for citizens of these countries to be able to exchange their license for a Danish license without having to undergo a driving test, as long as they possess sufficient driving experience and have not had their license revoked within the recent years.

However, the full implementation of this arrangement has been hampered by a number of difficult practical issues in providing documentation that the license has not been revoked.

On Friday, the Minister for Transport and Building, Mr. Hans Christian Schmidt, presented a solution, which removes many of the practical challenges of providing Americans with a Danish driver’s license.

"It’s important that we have now reached a solution so Americans do not have to go through a maze of bureaucracy, when they want to exchange their driver’s license. The U.S. traffic conditions are very similar to those in Denmark, so it is only natural that it will now be easier to exchange licenses,” the Minister says.

The new system is expected to enter into force as quickly as possible in 2016.

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