Denmark Increases Use of Biogas  


The amount of green biogas in the Danish natural gas grid will rise more than 500 percent by the end of 2016.

Denmark’s natural gas grid is increasingly being filled with biogas which is completely CO2 neutral. At current levels, the absolute amount of biogas is still quite low compared to natural gas, however, according to a new mapping developed by the biggest natural gas company in Denmark, HMN Naturgas I/S, the total amount of CO2 neutral gas in the natural gas grid will be more than five times the amount of today by 2016.

Part of overarching climate goals

The fact that biogas is now being used as a substitute for natural gas for heating Danish houses has no economic or practical significance to the individual natural gas customer. However, it has a direct effect on the climate. By substituting natural gas with biogas, the CO2 emission is reduced significantly, as biogas is CO2 neutral. As such, biogas is an important element in Denmark’s aim to become fossil-free by 2050.

Source: State of Green

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