Denmark no. 1 in Europe in Global Creativity Index 2015  


In the recently published Global Creativity Index 2015, Denmark ranks no.1 in Europe and fifth in the world out of 139 countries.

The Global Creativity Index (GCI) presented by Martin Prosperity Institute is a broad-based measure for advanced economic growth and sustainable prosperity based on the three T’s of economic development – talent, technology and tolerance.

Countries that receive high scores on the GCI generally have higher levels of entrepreneurship, competitiveness, productivity (measured as economic output per person) and are more closely connected to urbanisation.

Dorte Bech Vizard, Director of Invest in Denmark welcomes the new report:
- “I am very pleased to see the GCI top ranking of Denmark’s unique business climate in terms of talent, technology and tolerance.”

Denmark’s top position is linked to heavy R&D investments, high level innovations and a rich talent pool in the country.

The report behind the numbers

Denmark and Finland share the position as European leaders and a fifth place in the world ranking in the Global Creativity Index 2015. The index top five comprises Australia, Unites States, New Zealand, Canada and Denmark/Finland (shared).

Read the entire report here 

Read the full Global Creativity Index 2015 report here

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