Denmark no. 2 in the World in ICT Development Index 2015  


Denmark is ranked number two in the world and first in Europe in the ICT Development Index 2015 published by the UN agency ITU.

Denmark jumps two places from last year’s ranking and is now only outperformed by Korea in ITU’s 2015 ICT Development Index (IDI), a composite measurement that ranks 167 countries according to their level of ICT access, use and skills.

The ICT Development Index combines 11 indicators into a single measure that can be used as a benchmarking tool globally, measuring ICT access, use and skills. The indicators include parameters such as amount of Internet users, mobile cellular subscriptions and basic literacy rates.

According to the report, a good IDI ranking is only achieved by competitive and innovative economies:

- “The top performers of the index generally share a number of common characteristics that help to explain their high levels of ICT access and use. These include liberalized and competitive markets that encourage innovation, and populations with relatively high incomes and the skills to make effective use of information and communication technologies. In addition, all top IDI performers benefit from abundant international Internet bandwidth. High levels of Internet connectivity at home and widespread availability of affordable broadband have enabled high levels of Internet usage in these countries,” page 13, executive summary.

ICT infrastructure crucial for IoT

This report also shows how IoT and big data analytics can help address major global or local challenges. The rapid spread of ICT infrastructure and devices is accelerating the progress of the Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT is expected to significantly impact almost every social and economic sector, including education, healthcare, agriculture, transportation and manufacturing. Denmark offers prime conditions for R&D and testing within these areas, thanks to excellent ICT infrastructure and skills combined with a strong tradition for public-private partnerships and user-involvement.

Read the executive summary of the report here.

ICT Development Index 2015 - Report

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