Denmark Preferred Destination for US Clinical Trials  


Denmark is gaining attention as an obvious destination for clinical trials. Two large American investors are showing the way.

Last week, Invest in Denmark convened a roundtable in New York on phase 1 clinical trials in Denmark. Among the ten companies participating were strong industry players such as Bristol-Myers Squibb and MSD, both among the 10 largest American pharmaceutical companies.

Both companies already invest heavily in clinical research in Denmark; over the past years MSD has annually invested more than US$15 million in Danish clinical trials.

More early stage clinical trials to Denmark

Both Bristol-Meyers Squibb and MSD came away from the roundtable with a determination to invest in Denmark. MSD will place at least two early stage clinical trials in Denmark over the next few years, and according to Danish newspaper Børsen, the Head of Clinical Trials at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Jim Cassidy, says that his company also plans to place early stage clinical trials in Denmark.

Denmark is an advantageous destination for clinical trials

Some of the advantages of locating early clinical trials in Denmark are data quality, the ability to quickly plan and execute clinical trials, plus the availability of highly qualified, reliable and experienced healthcare personnel in research environments of a high international standard.

In terms of data quality, Denmark’s national integrated data infrastructure significantly decreases the risks of clinical trials. Denmark’s favorable and stable framework conditions are also beneficial. The Danish government is focusing on attracting clinical trials to Denmark, not least in the early phase, and recently the new NEXT Partnership was launched – National Experimental Therapy. NEXT is a public-private partnership within clinical research between six public institutions and five pharmaceutical companies (MSD, Roche, Leo, Novo Nordisk, Novartis).

Read more at the NEXT Partnership website.

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